Here’s What Happened When Muhammad Ali Got Invited Upstairs By 3 Models


Muhammad Ali was The Greatest. But not just the greatest boxer, sportsman or competitor. He was the greatest wit too. And a man of principles and great dedication. A civil rights leader, he stood up for his race and his religion. As this excellent anecdote perfectly demonstrates.

Sports commentator and friend of Ali, Ronnie Nathanielsz, told the BBC of a story recently that will crack you up…

“There was a dinner hosted by Nene Araneta, the owner of the Coliseum, and there Ali met three beautiful models from England. And they invited him to come over to their¬†room after the dinner.”

Muhammad Ali

“In their room he asked for orange juice, sat down on the sofa and he preached about Islam until three o’clock in the morning.¬†And then when we got out of the room, and went to his suite, he said ‘I fooled them, didn’t I?'”

Here’s the full story. What a champ. RIP.