Don’t Adjust Your Screen… This Giant Boxer Is Real And His Fights Are INSANE

It’s not Bigfoot and no, he wasn’t born in Chernobyl. No one knows quite how the Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev got so big, but he is enormous. We’re talking ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones big…

At 7ft tall, Valuev is a former WBA Heavyweight (obviously) champ who regularly used to weigh in at over 320lbs to fight. He’d dwarf even the biggest of opponents and intimidate even the best fighters out there when he active in the sport.

We’re assuming the title of the compilation┬ávideo, ‘The Greatest of All Time’ is a bit of a joke, though. Only Valuev wasn’t really the greatest fighter. He was a monster, sure, but his speed and technique were never first class. He just fought a lot of chumps. A lot of frightened, frightened chumps.

But there’s no getting round the fact that it’s pretty funny to see the big man in action. Have a look for yourself: