The New Tech In This Semi-Automatic Rifle Makes It Even More Bad*ss Than It Looks!

For over a century, the silencer or ‘suppressor‘ has remained the same. Weapons using suppressing technology often rely on what’s called ‘baffles’ to cut down on muzzle flash and noise and things. But they can affect your weapon’s performance. And when you’re using a semi-automatic rifle in a combat environment, that’s the last thing you need. If only there was an alternative. Well, now there is.

Russ Oliver from Operators Suppressors Systems has come up with a whole take take on things. His new ‘baffle-free’ suppressor systems cuts flash and noise, meaning you can use the weapon and not give away position. It even reduces recoil. And Russ is about to demonstrate…

We’ve seen cool gun technology here before. And even special bullets and bullet-proof vests. But this new suppressor system might well be the best weapons tech yet. See it for yourself:

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