Check Out This Hilarious Parody Of The Furious 7 Trailer

Furious 7 was released last week and quickly became the highest grossing movie of 2015 so far. It’s the last time we’ll see the character of Brian O’Conner, after actor Paul Walker tragically died during filming in November 2013. With the help of CGI provided by Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital and Walker’s brothers Caleb and Cody, Walker’s unfinished scenes in the movie were completed, and fans can now enjoy Paul and the rest of the Furious crew’s latest adventure on the big screen in all its high-octane glory.

Even before the movie was released, buzz for Furious 7 was immense, with February’s official theatrical trailer racking up ten million views on YouTube in a short space of time.

And that success gave three Polish comedians the idea to parody the trailer in this awesome video.

The title of the video translates into English as ‘Ugly and Furious’, and those distinctly low-octane cars the trio are driving are a Trabant, a Fiat 126p, and Fiat 125p. Not quite the cars we’re used to from the Furious franchise.

With nearly 2.6 million hits on YouTube, don’t be surprised if we get a feature-length Ugly and Furious movie very soon. As they say in Poland …

Nah. We don’t know any Polish.