They Put A Dog Inside A Jail Cell – Now Watch What The Inmate Does…

When a person is convicted of a crime and imprisoned, their freedom and liberty is snatched away from them. It’s often for the benefit of society that these people be incarcerated for their crimes, but adjustment to life in jail can be tough.

One of the challenges can be how to keep the morale and mood up among convicts and ensure that crime inside and mental health issues don’t become huge problems. One way to fight it – especially in minimum security facilities is, weirdly, to allow the inmates to have dogs.

Having a dog gives prisoners a reason to get up and be disciplined. They have plenty of free time and attention and it can swerve them away from illicit activities. It’s also a source of love and a great way to save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.


This is very worthwhile program that helps the dogs and gives people a second chance. You gotta love that.