The New Trend Going Viral And P*SSING People Off… It’s Seriously Stupid

VonMar from little-known rap group Chicago-based rap group ThotBoyz has started a viral sensation. A huge trend. But he shouldn’t be too proud of himself. It’s dumb. Seriously dumb. If you thought that the Ice Bucket Challenge was stupid or people throwing condoms full of water onto their heads was ridiculous, you aint’ seen nothing yet…

‘Put ’Em In a Coffin’ is a Vine video trend where people chuck themselves onto the flat surface of something – normally the hood of a car, while facing the other direction, with their arms crossed. Like they’re dead. It really is just that.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

VonMar did jail time for one of these stupid pranks too. He did 60 days in Cook County Jail for this:

See? Dumb.