Rapper Jumps Into The Sea To Avoid Expensive Check At A Seafood Restaurant


We’ve all heard of 2pac, right? But what about 2Pec? No, no one’s heard of him. Until now. The Australian rapper (apparently they have those now) has hit the headlines. But not because of his music. Oh no. 2pec – real name Terry Peck – is the talk of the town after he ate a huge feast at a seafood restaurant in Gold Coast, Australia, and ran away without paying. His destination? THE OCEAN.

That’s right, the dimwitted rapper figured he’d swerve the massive $450USD bill by sprinting into the water. For some reason. His logic may well have had something to do with his having just gorged on a baby octopus, two lobsters and TWENTY ONE oyster vodka shots.

Peck’s excuse when the cops caught him? He was running into the water because he had heard that his friend was having a baby. Whatever that means…

Rapper Jumps In Sea To Avoid Check

What a douchebag. Here’s a little more on the story…