This Dude’s Public Proposal In A Food Court Gets Brutally Rejected By His Savage Girl

You’re in a relationship. You’re in love. You’re dedicated to your partner and want to commit to them forever. So, what do you do? Well, you marry them. And so you’re gonna need to propose. Nice quiet walk somewhere? Cook your other half dinner and pop the question then? Yeah, makes sense…

What you don’t do – to cut down on potential humiliation – is make a public proposal. Only what happens if it all goes wrong and you’re rejected? Well, you look a fool, don’t you? Yup. And we’ve got some pretty convincing proof of that right here for you.

A dude’s asking the big question. His place of choice? A food court in the mall (classy, huh?). He’s got a violinist set up. But even the bouquet of flowers and ring isn’t enough to convince his bae to say yes…

Rejected Wedding Proposal

It starts so promisingly, but ends so badly… This is NOT what the dude was expecting. Heartbreak for him. And that round of applause from everyone watching at the end won’t have helped!

Rejected Wedding Proposal

You’ve got to feel for the guy. But, dammit – this is still pretty darn funny. Check it out for yourself: