Road Rage Idiot Gets Taken Down After Injuring Biker

Yuma, Arizona. A lane-merging dispute between a driver and a biker turns ugly as the driver of the vehicle springs from his parked car and assaults the guy on the bike. Seemingly for little or no reason. Pushing the biker’s girlfriend out of the way and shouting abuse, the guy is in a serious fit of road rage.

Luckily the dude on the bike is sensible and keeps his head. He takes down the guy and restrains him in no time, making the aggressor instantly regret his actions.

Hey, what’s that about karma?

People like this need to calm the Hell down. The roads can be dangerous places at the best of times, we don’t need crazy people like this jumping out their cars and throwing fists at people too.

No arrests were made – despite reports that the biker broke his ankle in the scuffle – but Arizona State Police are reviewing the footage. Check it out right here: