Samsung’s New Trucks Show Drivers Behind When It’s Safe To Overtake With Clever Tech

Road safety is a massive issue across the world and should be a major concern for all world governments. Far too many people are dying out there. In countries like Argentina, it’s said that a person dies every hour on the roads. And that can’t be allowed to continue. No way. Most accidents that happenĀ are caused because there aren’t enough large highway or freeway-style roads. Something needs to be done.

Tech gurus Samsung recognize this issue and have come up with an epicĀ idea to increase road safety using their own technology. They’ve mounted wireless cameras to the front of their trucks and four large monitors to the backs. This allows drivers behind to see what’s coming up on the road ahead, when his vision would otherwise be obscured.

We love this. We look forward to overtaking one of these bad boys real soon.