Dude Doesn’t Listen To Sawn-Off Shotgun Recoil Advice; Instantly Regrets It

Dontay Tiqa and his pal got their hands on a sawn-off shotgun (don’t listen to anyone else – it’s not ‘sawed-off shotgun’ alright?). We don’t know where they got it from and – hey – it’s not our place to ask. Anyways, they headed to the woods to test it out. Shoot it at a few trees, that kind of thing.

Dontay was filming and warning his friend to watch out for the kick as he shoots it. Shotguns have a pretty nasty recoil. If you’re not careful, the gun’s gonna come straight back in your face… And that’s just what happened. “Told you so…”

We’ve seen some pretty epic guns here. But we think these dudes should stick to something a little safer. Like a gun made from Legos or something.

Check it out: