Shia LeBeouf Loses It Big Time; Goes NUTS At Trump Supporter During Protest


It started last Friday on the day of President Trump inauguration. Actor and all-round nutbag Shia LeBeouf started his four-year protest against the new POTUS. And – with Shia being Shia – it didn’t take long to hit the news…

Yup – it’s kicking off already. A young man – said to be a white supremacist – wonders into the area where the protest is going down and starts trolling him and his friends. He’s said to be shouting ‘fourteen!’ – a code word to racists.

So our ‘hero’ starts yelling in the guy’s face, ‘He will not divide us!’ Over and over and over again. He pretty much loses his cool. But that doesn’t much for ol’ Shia does it?

Shia LeBeouf Trump Protest (1)

Hey… Y’all look pretty divided to us.

Shia LeBeouf Trump Protest (1)

Check out the girl at the back trying to impress Shia…

Dude’s acting even weirder than usual here…