Tiny Little 4 Year-Old Shows 6 Pit Bulls Who’s Boss During Dinner Time

You know by now that pit bull terriers are not naturally violent dogs. The old myth about them being aggressive and inherently dangerous is so wrong, it’s been debunked a million times. So we won’t lecture you about it. We will mention however, that after Labradors, pit bulls are the most docile and calm breed of dog.

Anyway, like we say – you know they’re cool. They’re not naturally a threat to children unless they’re shaped into one. But can they be controlled by a tiny child? Well, yes. With the correct training, a whole pack of pit bull terriers can learn to accept a four year-old girl as their pack leader…

Whaddaya mean, BS? We ain’t lying. We’ve even got the proof for you right here. This little girl has half a dozen hungry males at her command.


We love this. This is total proof that not only are dogs completely trainable (all dogs), but pit bulls are great with children.