This Guy’s Smashing Up His Own £200k Mercedes S63… For The Craziest Reason!

What’s your dream car? Maybe a McLaren? Or a Ferrari? Maybe you’d like every supercar known to man… Whatever vehicle it is that you most desire, the chances are, if you ever got the keys to one, you’d drive it with love and care off the forecourt with a huge smile on your face and dote over it like it was your baby. Of course you would.

Not like this guy. His name’s Yu Je-Ha. He’s from Gwangju in South Korea. His dream car? A Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. £200,000 worth of automobile, it was only days after purchasing the vehicle that he decided to play golf with it. By which we mean smash the absolute Bejesus out of it with a golf club. Oh, yeah. Seriously.

The reason? He was protesting, apparently. Yu Je-Ha says he’s received nothing but dreadful service from Mercedes since having bought the S63. Repeated complaints about engine problems were ignored, he said. So he smashed up the car right outside the dealership!

Have a watch. And – hey. It’s okay to shed a tear at this, you know…