Snoop: “I Don’t Have a Will – I Won’t ‘Give a F***’ When I’m Dead!”

Snoop Dogg‘s worth quite a bit of money, isn’t he? We don’t know the exact amount, but you’ve got to guess it’s a pretty big number. So you’d imagine that he has a will and things all worked out for if he died…? Well, no. Not a chance. Just like Prince who died recently with a $300m fortune. And no will. By all accounts, his estate is in a bit of a mess, but his family’s still getting the cash.

Snoop’s thoughts on having a last will and testament? Simple…

“I don’t give a f*** when I’m dead,” he told Business Insider. “What am I gonna give a f*** about?”

Though he’s hoping to get reincarnated and come back… “Hopefully, I’m a butterfly. I come back and fly around and look at all these motherf*****s fighting over my money and s***.”

Snoop Dogg No Will

Snoop’s not alone, though. 55% of Americans will die without a will. Now, if they’re like Snoop and want their immediate family to get their cash, then it’s fine.

Snoop’s wife Shante and his three kids will get his fortune. So he doesn’t really even really need a will.

Snoop Dogg No Will

We still dig the idea of Snoop Butterfly floating about in a plume of weed smoke laughing his a*s off about money…