Snoop Dogg Narrating ‘Planet Earth’ Is The Funniest Damned Thing You’ll See This Week!

Sir David Attenborough‘s a Thug, we’ve all seen and heard him in action. But the big man from across the pond ain’t got nothin’ on Snoop Dogg. 70+ years of zoology expertise and broadcasting experience¬†is one thing, but who would you rather narrate your animal documentaries…? We know who we’re going for. The D-O-double G. Once you’ve seen Snoop take on Planet Earth, you’ll agree.

Alright, so the rapper might not quite know as much about the animal kingdom as Sir Attenborough, but what he lacks in knowledge, he more than makes up for in getting animals wrong and having no idea what’s going on. But hey, we love him anyway.

We think all documentaries should be narrating by rappers. You telling us you wouldn’t watch Shark Week if Ice Cube was behind the mic…? C’mon!