This Snowmobile Takes On Two Ferraris In A Drag Race!


In this incredible new video from YouTubers NM2255 filmed at this year’s Modball Rally at the Varano de’ Melagari racetrack in the Parma province of Italy, a snowmobile takes on a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Ferrari 458 Spider in a couple of drag races. Yeah, you heard that right – a snowmobile. The F430 can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, and the 458 in 3.3, so you’d think they’d wipe the floor with a vehicle not exactly known for drag racing on a hard road surface? After all, it’s only a snowmobile and it’s up against two of the fastest production sports cars in the world.

No contest, right? Well check out this amazing video to find out what happens when a snowmobile takes on two mighty Italian stallions …