Footage Leaks Of US Military Walking Through A Never-Ending Field Of Weed

Kandahar region, Afghanistan. US soldiers are on patrol when they find something hugely unexpected. Weed. But not just a joint or a bong. A field of the stuff. The cannabis field they stumble across is the biggest any of them have ever seen or even heard about it.

The footage of them walking through it was shot on helmetcam by soldier Nathaniel Brown and the clip goes on for almost five minutes. Five whole minutes of walking and they’re still in the field of marijuana. That’s how huge it is.

It’s an incredible find which hints at how terrorist organizations based out of Afghanistan have managed to funds their activities for so long. Drugs. If it’s not weed it’s heroin. The country has an almost endless supply.

Soldier in Afghan cannabis field

This is flat-out crazy, check it out for yourself: