Watch The Moment A Murderer Was Told His Victim’s Body Had Been Found On Live TV

This was the astonishing moment when a murderer was confronted with the news that the body of his victim had been found. Stephen McDaniel was the next door neighbor and university classmate of Lauren Giddings, who went missing back in June 2011. As was usual in cases such as this, news reporters interviewed people who were close to the victim, as well as friends and neighbors. When reporters interviewed McDaniel, he was not aware that the pretty 24 year old law graduate’s body had recently been discovered by police.

At first McDaniel plays it cool, but when he’s told the news that Giddings’ body has been discovered at the 1:33 mark, he loses it, as the following video shows.

Those watching – including law enforcement officers working on the case – were immediately suspicious when seeing McDaniel’s reaction on TV. He was arrested shortly after and immediately confessed that he had sneaked into Giddings’ room and strangled her before dismembering her body and hiding it. It later emerged that McDaniel had tried to get close to Giddings while the two studied law at university, but she had rejected his advances.

He was sentenced to life in prison in 2014.