‘Stolen Valor’ Kid Gets Taken Down By Marine In The Most BRUTAL Way!

When you come back from a tour of duty abroad in the military, you don’t tend to swan around town wearing your full military get-up. It’s just not really the done thing. So it’s kind of suspicious when you see a fella¬†walking about wearing combats and fatigues and things. Especially when they don’t match up.

We’re talking about ‘Stolen Valor‘. Dudes who have never served dress up in military garb and go about their business, presumably hoping to take some respect and credit from other people in the neighborhood. Hell, maybe they’ll even get a free soda or something, right?

But it’s not cool. People die serving their country. It’s a serious lack of respect to pose as a soldier when you aren’t one. And the shaming that these valor stealers get can be quite brutal at times…

Here’s the proof: