Chinese Guy Uses Tai Chi To Take Down Bully On Subway

You’ve got to watch out if you’re a bully. We’ve seen it time and time again… A bully pushes someone around, thinking they’ve got the measure of them and then BLAM! The quiet one comes out of nowhere and levels the bully. And we see that very thing again here. Except this video comes from China – the land of risky bullying. With so many kids capable of martial arts takedowns, why would you risk it???

If we lived in China, we certainly wouldn’t try picking a fight with anyone. You just can’t be sure who has secret moves. Martial arts can disable an attacker in seconds (as you’re about to see) and there’s no way of telling if the other person knows it or not.

So it’s a pretty good rule of thumb, this. Just don’t start fights with strangers on the Subway for no real reason at all. You might just get your a*s handed to you…