‘The Autopsy Of Jane Doe’ Due To Be The Most Horrifying Movie Of 2017

2016 is almost over with and we look forward to 2017. New albums, new TV shows, new movies. And on the big screen, most of the whispers we’ve been hearing recently are all about the terrifying-looking horror flick, The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Starring Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, Olwen Kelly, this creepy movie looks set to horrify everyone and could just prove to be next year’s sickest and creepiest horror film.

The trailer’s hit and it looks skin-crawlingly unsettling. All set in a morgue during a late night autopsy, we follow a father and son mortuary team as they post-mortem a beautiful young corpse and attempt to work out how she died. And that’s just the start. Sh*t gets seriously weird after that…

Autopsy of Jane Doe

It’s from the twisted brain of André Øvredal, the director behind the brilliantly twisted mockumentary Troll Hunter.

Autopsy of Jane Doe

It’s got a limited release on December 21st 2016, but most theaters will be showing it from early January.

Autopsy of Jane Doe

Buckle up, Here it is…