The Game: “Puff Daddy Didn’t Kill Tupac … The Dude Who Killed Tupac Is No Longer Living.”

The Game has sensationally revealed that the identity of the killer of Tupac Shakur is an open secret in Los Angeles, and that it isn’t Puff Daddy. The rapper, who was speaking to The Cruz Show about his upcoming soundtrack and documentary, The Streets of Compton, explicitly denied that Diddy – a personal friend – was involved with the 1996 murder.

“Puff Daddy didn’t kill Tupac. If you really from LA and you was alive during that era and you not stupid then you know how Tupac got killed and who killed him. The dude who killed Tupac is no longer living.”

In the documentary, The Game gives us unprecedented access to one of the most notorious neighborhoods in the world. He tells the story of how it spawned some of America’s most iconic rappers, as well as sports stars such as Venus and Serena Williams.

Watch the video below: