The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Absolutely DESTROYS The Keg Toss World Record!

Hafþór Björnsson is a pretty strong man. In fact, he’s ‘Europe’s Strongest Man’. He’s also competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition every year for the past four years. But while he’s tried fighting (notably against little Conor McGregor), it’s his acting you’ll mostly know him for. He plays ‘The Mountain’ in seasons four and five of Game of Thrones.

We see why he’s one of the world’s strongest men here at a tournament which saw him SMASH the ‘Keg Toss’ world record. Bjornsson hoyed a 33 pound keg a full 24 feet and six inches into the air. Crazy, right? ‘It was easy, I could have broken the roof’, he said afterwards…

Check out The Mountain in action right here showing the world exactly why he got that nickname. These are some sweet keg-tossing skills on show. Ask nicely and maybe he’ll help clear up after your next keg party, huh?