Police Chase Hits 135mph Before Its INSANE Conclusion!


Albany Georgia. A high speed police pursuit takes place that’s to shock anyone who later sees it. A man suspected of stealing a brand new Toyota pick-up truck at gunpoint is chased through the streets at high speed by cops as they look to get the man in handcuffs as quickly as possible. Which, eventually, they manage. But only after an EPIC chase and confrontation…

Albany local William Owens apparently stole the truck from a resident at Riverpointe in Dougherty County. The chase went through two counties, ending on North Slappey Blvd., when troopers decided to finally deploy stop-sticks. “A few vehicles were struck on the way by the suspect,” conceded Police Spokesperson Chad Kirkpatrick.

Owens also waved a gun about at one point and even tried to run the officers off the road during the chase…

Police Chase

Watch exactly what went down that day with this awesome dashcam footage