This Is Tug Boat Vs. Tow Truck In The Most EPIC Land Vs. Sea Battle Ever!

Tug o’ war. It’s an age old and tried n’ tested way to sort the men from the boys. Who’s got the stronger arms, the greater strength? The sheer unbeatable power? It’s a great leveler.

And it’s tug o’ war that’s being used here to determine which has the greater pulling power – a huge tow truck or a mean ol’ tug boat. Usually the contest would see two teams of men aim to prove they’re the stronger, but here we’ve got serious machinery instead. Which is much more fun!

The truck’s boom rated 50 ton, got 500 brake horsepower, while the boat’s got 900bhp and 16,000lbs of bollard pull.

It’s an epic battle of land vs. sea. Who will come out of this showdown as the ultimate victor with all the bragging rights?

Find out!