Tupac Calls Out Donald Trump & America’s Wealthiest In Unearthed Interview From 1992

Donald Trump’s been all over the news recently after announcing he was going to run for the nomination to become the Republican Party’s official candidate in the forthcoming presidential election campaign. The billionaire blowhard was at first given no chance of getting anywhere near the nomination, but as his campaign has gathered momentum, people have begun to think that Trump – whose name means ‘fart’ in England – might not only win his party’s nomination race, but also the whole White House kit and kaboodle. That’s right. As insane as it sounds, in 2016 we may be staring down the barrels of a Trump presidency.

A lot’s been said about the outspoken business tycoon over the years, most notably about his unusual hairstyle. He’s been around a long time, including back in the early ’90s when the mighty Tupac Shakur was still alive and well. As the following video shows, even Tupac had something to say about Trump, and it’s far from complimentary. This is from an unaired 1992 interview with the great man, and even back then Shakur had got the handle on Trump. Specifically Trump’s greed and approach to getting to the top.

Let’s just hope the rest of the country comes to the same conclusion because, seriously? Donald Trump? President of the United States of America? Has the world gone stark raving mad?

Check it out: