As Tupac Freestyles In NYC He Notices And Confronts a Bootlegger Illegally Selling His Tapes!

We’ve stumbled across an amazing old video that really proves what Tupac once said about The Thug Life. He was just nineteen years old when this video was shot and damn! He does look young… The great man’s in New York City, walking the streets and even freestyle rapping a little.

Him and his crew stop off at a news kiosk and notice the dude’s selling a few illegal cassettes (remember those…?). And yeah, one of them’s a Tupac’s album. The guy’s bootlegging. Selling music without permission and keeping all the money. And Tupac ain’t happy.

Why should this guy get paid and Tupac not? It’s his album, after all. He put all the work in. So he confronts the man.

Check it out: