Tupac Shot On The Strip; Reporters Rush To The Scene… AGAIN

Las Vegas, Nevada. The world famous strip. Lined with casinos and nightclubs, people mill about and cars flash past. Suddenly, gunshots ring out. People scream. Someone’s been shot… A famous rapper. Reporters arrive on the scene. The news is the guy looks like Tupac Shakur. But it’s not 1996. It’s 2016. Tupac hasn’t been shot dead again. Reporters soon learn what’s happened – they gunshots were blanks. They were from a film. The Tupac biopic.

The journos and photographers on the scene were embarrassed but relieved that no one had actually died at the scene. It was all for ‘All Eyez On Me’, the upcoming biopic all about the late rapper.

It’s now been two decades since the fatal shooting and fans have been kept waiting for a movie about the legendary musician.


Here are a few shots from the set of the new movie…


You can see the resemblance, huh?


Wanna see the movie? It hits theaters in November.