UFC 202: Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz Full Fight


It was the bout that fight fans had been anticipating for a long time. The press conference was wild, the rivalry was real, the atmosphere was electric. It was Conor McGregor‘s shot at vengeance. It was the Nate Diaz rematch…

Of course, the fight was so big because of the story created when the two first met. No one expected Diaz to beat the Irishman. The Notorious was a huge favorite to win. But Nate’s a wily fighter and has serious heart and skill.

McGregor Diaz 2¬†was one Helluva fight too. A majority decision on points, plenty of people online have been saying that Diaz was cheated and should’ve won… So many huge blows landed on both sides.

McGregor Diaz

Full FIght