Cody Garbrandt Takes Out Thomas Almeida In VICIOUS First Round KO

An epic UFC Fight Night 88 was held yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada and it all came down to one intense moment between Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and Thomas Almeida. Both fighters are highly capable and held 23 knock outs from 28 wins which meant that it could’ve gone either way.

Garbrandt showed off his ability with some powerful punches, kicks and even an impressive jumping knee, while Almeida was able to recover and even pull out a few pro moves himself. Ultimately however, Garbrandt came out on top by throwing a HUGE right hand, which resulted in Almeida dropping to the floor.

Garbrandt’s epic win will most certainly land him into the UFC’s top 10 bantamweight fighter rankings. Watch out for this dude…