This Is HANDS DOWN The Most Unexpected Comeback In UFC History!

When UFC announcer Joe Rogan screams ‘That was the most amazing comeback I have ever seen!’, you kinda know that you’ve just witnessed something pretty special. And anyone who’s ever witnessed this particular UFC comeback certainly has. Who are we talking about? Well, Chieck Kongo and Pat Barry. They combined to create something truly remarkable…

The fight took place at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It didn’t last all that long, but no one who saw it that night was likely to forget what they saw. Kongo, who triumphed against the odds that night said afterwards, “it was perfect”. And few people there could disagree with the big man.

Barry flew out of the traps and threw punches like they were going out of style. Kongo took them and hit the deck. Twice. Referee Dan Miragliotta looked like he was about to stop the fight when Kongo staged the most unlikely of recoveries. You’ve gotta see this!