Science Proves That This Video Can Make You Hallucinate

Hallucinations. They’re weird, aren’t they? Strange visions and images whirl around in your head, created by your brain or fed to your brain by hormones, chemicals or stimulus. Tricked into seeing what isn’t there, the visions appear real, but are not.

Normally, your shortcut to seeing these hallucinatory sights is through drugs. Like LSD. But there are other, safer ways. Flickering lights and different amounts of light and dark hitting our brains through sight can trigger them.

Australian neuroscientist Dr. Joel Pearson from the University of New South Wales is behind some breakthrough new work in the area and has designed a special video that he claims can trigger us to hallucinate. He recognizes that he’s picked a really difficult field in which it research and study, though…


“It’s like trying to study the imagination,” he says. “If you look at a waterfall long enough and then look at rocks, the rocks will seem to move up. No one had been able to test before that the same rules apply to hallucinations.”

Just stare in the middle of the video below and hit play. You may need to play it a couple of times. See what happens…

Warning: Anyone who suffers from migraines, epilepsy or psychiatric disorders is advised to refrain from watching.