Biker Pulls HUGE Wheelie, Ends Up On Cop Car; Gets Arrested (Obviously…)

Want to see how to go from hero to zero in a matter of seconds? Then we’ve got the video for you. The guy you’re about to watch was out for a day of fun with his biker buddies, riding down the freeway and pulling wheelies and generally being a bit of a road-based nuisance. When one of his wheelies goes badly wrong…

An unmarked police car passes them with the sirens blaring. It cuts in and slows down. It looks as though the biker has plenty of time to slow down and avoid the cops, but no. He lands his motorbike right on the trunk. Big mistake. Only seconds later, he’s on the ground and in a headlock!

Motorcycles. All fun and games. Until it all goes wrong… Check out some serious bike stupidity right here: