White People Go To A Black BBQ For The First Time; Sh*t Gets Real!

Slink Johsnon, Mu Johnson, Teddy Ray and Terry Hartman. Four black comedians who love a BBQ. But at their last backyard cook-off they thought they’d invite some new guests along. And ended up having a pretty funny time with them. Who? The Bullocks. A white family that had never been to a black BBQ before. The family were nervous but excited about the prospect. They ended up having a blast.

And it was all caught on camera. Luckily for us because the results were just HILARIOUS. “We don’t usually have quite so much profanity. Or drugs references. Actually, we never make drug references…” Grandma says¬†at one point. But she had fun.

The Bullocks are good sports and this makes for some truly funny viewing. See what happens when white people go to a black BBQ for the first time right here: