Wife In Debt Trashes House, Fakes Burglary And Ties Herself Up To Cover Up Money Woes From Husband

The city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia‘s Sverdlovsk Oblast region. A woman receives a six month suspended sentence for one of the most bizarre crimes that the local police force have ever dealt with. The 65 year-old’s crime? The elaborate staging and faking of a home invasion and burglary. The purpose? To hide a secret…

The unnamed woman could very well have been jailed for up to a period of five years for making the false allegations and also for wasting the police’s time. But it appears as though the judge took pity on her.

The bottom line? She’d spent the family’s life savings of just over $3,000. Too ashamed to admit to her husband just what she had done, she attempted to hoax a violent robbery. She claims to have been jumped by two men posing as postmen, who forced their way into the family home and stole all the cash there.


The reality? The pensioner trashed her own home deliberately and bound herself with tape to make it appear as though she had been tied up…


Neighbors heard screams and the police were called. But it didn’t take too many questions before the cops grew suspicious.


It’s not known exactly what the woman’s husband makes of it all, but he’s unlikely to have been impressed, is he?!