Woman Claims To Have Got Pregnant By Black Man After Using Toilet Paper With Semen On It

Mobile, Alabama.  An distressed woman is claiming that she got pregnant with ‘the seed of an unknown man’ after using a porta potty. And at a county fair, no less. 18 year-old Britney Thomas, says this about her extraordinary claim: “I used the outside toilet at the fair last year after someone else was using it. A dude. I found some man sploodge left behind on the floor by the previous user. It was disgusting.”

“The paper roll was on the ground too. I believe that when I was using the toilet paper to wipe myself off it was contaminated by the semen that was all on the ground. Now, I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy with dark skin. Both my husband and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. It took a while for my husband to understand the science behind getting pregnant. But now he supports me and we just want to find who the father is.”

Despite the apparent incident having happened over a year ago, the woman was able to compile a very specific composite sketch of the man. Here it is:


The Thomas family are asking people from the local area who might recognize this man to contact the Mobile Police Department with information. “I want little Denzil to know who his biological father is,” said Brittany.

“I also want him to pay child support. Neither one of us are at fault, but we are both responsible for the support of this child. But if we can’t find him, Michael is willing to help me raise him. I’m just so glad my husband realizes the truth about what happened. I’m a loyal wife. And I love my family.”

Brittany is said to have a reputation as a cheater in her neighborhood, but she says that she doesn’t care what people think and she only pays attention to what her husband thinks.

“I dunno,” Brittany’s husband says. “I suppose all that stuff could’ve happened…”