Boyfriend Jailed After Woman’s Buttocks Explode During Love Making

DeKalb County, Georgia. A 19 year-old man has been arrested after s*x with his partner ended in her BUTTOCKS EXPLODING. Sean Williams and his older lover, 26 year-old Tamela Martin, were in bed when things got steamy and the position they were in put pressure on the woman’s butt implants, which eventually burst. Ms. Martin is in hospital recovering, while Williams awaits trial for aggravated assault.

Ms. Martin released a statement saying: “We was doing it and then he flipped me over and began to tear it up from the back. Asked him several times to be gentle, then I began to beg him to stop.”

“That’s when he started going harder. I felt pressure building up in my booty and it felt like my booty was tripling in size, I felt the skin stretching. It was a pain I never experienced before.”

Tamela Martin

Officer Doug Davis of DeKalb County Police Department said:

“Even though she knew the risks, Sean Williams was still arrested because he was asked to stop and he disregarded the victim’s request.”

Tamela Martin

What a bummer.