Definite ‘Feud’ For This Family After Worst Quiz Show Round EVER!

Family Feud’s called Family Feud for a reason, y’know. After a clan goes on there, there’s a fairly decent chance that a squabble might kick off. And while it was all smiles and hugs after the amazingly disastrous showing you’re about to witness, you’ve got to imagine that a few harsh words were uttered afterwards. Even Steve Harvey was left almost speechless.

With 182 points up on the board after stage one of the final round, a lady found herself just needing to bag a measly 18 points in her half. Easy, right? Right. It’s not like the questions were hugely difficult…

Check ’em out:

First question: “What chance do have of dating a girl that’s a ’10?’”

Second question: “Name a kind of place where people keep checking their watch?”

Third question: “Name a noisy insect.”

Fourth question: “Name something a person’s belly does.”

Fifth question: “Fill in the blank. I married couple might be deeply in [what]?”

Get ready to watch the worst quiz show round of all time: