The Most Disastrous MMA Debuts Of All Time

MMA. It can be cruel. It’s not a sport to underestimate. You step into that ring with someone, there’s a good chance you could get your head caved in. These guys are tough. You’ve gotta be ready and equipped. And not everyone is.

Like the guys you’re about to meet. They thought they had what was needed to make it in the world of mixed martial arts

They were wrong.

Telia Tuli

MMA Debut Failures

It was UFC 1. 440lb sumo wrestler Tuli was up against the comparably tiny Gerard Gordeau. It was a David Vs. Goliath match-up that most people saw going Tuli’s way. The bout lasted 26 seconds and the big man lost a handful of teeth in the process.


Fred Ettish

MMA Debut Failures

A Karate man by trade, Ettish did the brave thing and stepped up to replace a fighter with just ten minutes’ notice. It went horribly wrong and he got his a*s handed to him. And the mockery never stopped. Poor guy.


Emmanuel Yarborough

MMA Debut Failures

When you’re 6’8″ and over 600lb – and you hold the record for being the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’, you’ve got to fancy your chances in a fight. But in his first MMA scrap, Yarborough was knocked down immediately. Then spent two minutes avoiding blows before the ref stopped the fight.


Joe Son

MMA Debut Failures

‘Random Task’ in ‘Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery’, remember him? That was Joe Son. His first ever fight? Embarrassing. Feel sorry for him? Don’t. He was later convicted of taking part in a gang rape.


John Matua

MMA Debut Failures

Tank Abbott ended John Matua’s aspirations of being a full-time MMA fighter in just twenty brutal seconds.


Paul Herrera

MMA Debut Failures

Herrera’s fight against Gary Goodridge lasted thirteen seconds but was enough of a beating as to make him take up a new career almost instantly.


Chris Condo

MMA Debut Failures

‘Grappler’ Chris Condo doesn’t look like much of a fighter does he? Well, no. Quite. He wasn’t. One brawl was enough for this larda*s.


Sean Gannon

MMA Debut Failures

You might recognize this guy. He’s the Boston cop who beat Kimbo Slice in a backyard fight some years ago. The online hype was huge. And, unfortunately for him, he bought that hype and tried to go pro. It didn’t end well. In fact, it ended after just one round.


Jesse Taylor

MMA Debut Failures

Ultimate Fighter bad boy Jesse Taylor got to final of UF7, but his reckless behavior saw him kicked off the show. He got himself back in after proving himself to Dana White, but his career lasted one defeat.