Guy With A Sword Vs 24 Beer Cans – Can He Slice Them All In Half With One Swish?


The ZT Apokatana. A specialist sword made by the guys at Zombie Tools. It’s one seriously sharp son of a gun. And Max McCarter of ZT wants to demonstrate exactly how sharp by showing one slicing through TWENTY FOUR cans of beer. IN ONE SWIPE.

But can he and the Apokatana manage it? Is it possible? And isn’t it just a massive waste of beer? Well, we think the boys drank the beers┬áthe night before and filled them up with water. So don’t worry too much. Besides, it’s only PBR anyway.

Watch the full video below to see if the Zombie Tools guys manage their task or not. Then realize that┬áChuck Norris could cut 24 swords with one beer can…