10 Insane Prison Escapes

Breaking out of jail is no easy feat. The reason for that is fairly obvious. After all, if the authorities wanted to make it easy for prisoners to walk away, they wouldn’t have built the high walls and the fences and the watchtowers in the first place. And they most certainly wouldn’t have filled these places with dogs and armed guards. Prisons are called prisons for a reason, after all. For us ordinary mortals, if we find ourselves in prison, we might as well accept our fate, knuckle down and serve our time.

However, some of us aren’t ordinary mortals. Some of us are like the guys in the following video. These men don’t look at a prison wall and see an insurmountable obstacle. They look at it and see … a challenge.

In the following video, we hear the stories of some of the most audacious prison breaks of all time. From notorious serial killer Ted Bundy simply strolling away from custody, to the incredible three successful escape attempts made by Alfie ‘Houdini’ Hines, these people prove that no walls – however high they may be – can keep some men from tasting the sweet air of freedom. There are some hardcore escapes here, from some pretty hard-to-escape-from-places such as San Francisco’s infamous Alcatraz Island; from a German Prisoner of War camp, and even from the notorious Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. The stories in the video have even inspired famous movies, from 1979’s Escape From Alcatraz starring Clint Eastwood, to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 comedy drama, Catch Me If You Can.

Be it with the use of high explosives, helicopters, good old fashioned trickery or even – in one extraordinary case – yoga, these audacious escapes prove that for some men, nothing is impossible. Check it out: