The World Of Wrestling Has Lost Another Legend… RIP

The world of wrestling is in mourning this week after the sad loss of a legend of the sport. John ‘Balls Mahoney’ Rechner was just 44 years old when he passed away a few days ago. No cause of death has been released just yet, so speculation is rife. But let’s not gossip and just leave the man in peace and remember him for what he was – a huge personality and a great wrestler. A total entertainer.

The New Jersey man made a name for himself in the late ’90s as a big hitter in Extreme Championship Wrestling, which was an alternative to WWE (or WWF as it was then) that had a much more extreme and often more violent approach to its wrestling.

Put bluntly, Balls was a legend. And everyone involved in the sport agrees. Here’s what Mick Foley had to say about his sad passing on Twitter:

Here is Balls, doing what he did best…