Black Lady Just Can’t Stop Laughing When Racist Finds Out He’s Part BLACK!

Craig Cobb, it’s fairly safe to say, is no fan of black culture. Or black people. He identifies as a ‘white supremacist’, but let’s just talk straight and call him what he is. The man’s a racist. He dislikes African-Americans and isn’t afraid to shout about it. ‘White Power!’ and all that horsesh*t.

The man has no love for the black man. Or black women. Especially the black woman sat next to him on the TV show he’s on. Why? Well, she’s laughing her head off at him. And with good reason. A genetics test has shown that he’s only 86% white (or ‘European’). 14% of him is ‘Sub-Saharan African’. Dude’s almost one fifth black!

And he’s not taking it well. He calls it ‘statistical noise’. We call it the funniest damned thing we’ve seen in some time!