Fella Makes Bet He Can Dead Lift Heavy Weight; Sharts Himself Trying; Loses Bet


Weightlifting requires strength, practice and technique. What you need to do is small small and work your way up. Don’t be ashamed to begin with smaller weights and gradually build up. That’s how you get stronger. You don’t just pitch up down the gym, no prep and bet you can lift a heavy a*s weight. Unless your’e this guy…

And boy does it go wrong for him. He arrogantly bets cash that he can lift the weight with a buddy. He gets into position and BLAM! Sh*ts himself. Well, it’s more of a shart, actually. Whatever. It’s bad. It’s brown. It’s not winning him his bet.

He thought 185lbs was easy. He should’ve worn a diaper.

Man Sharts Lifting At Gym

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