Conor McGregor Tells You How To Win A Bar Fight

When you’re one of the world’s most recognizable sportsmen, arguably the most feared MMA fighter in the world, you probably don’t get too many other guys giving you sh*t in bars. When Conor McGregor goes for a drink in his hometown of Las Vegas, he’s probably pretty safe. But how safe are you? Could you handle yourself if trouble started? Do you know how to?

Self defense is an important skill to know. You need to be able to defend yourself – and your friends and family – in the event of something kicking off. And who better to be taught how to do so than by the Irishman himself? Conor McGregor has some tips for you…

In a video filmed for GQ magazine, he talks you through his quick guide. It’s a four step plan and it makes total sense. This is advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about.