Conor McGregor Loses It With Reporter Who Asks Him About ‘Racist’ Comment Made About Nate Diaz

You known by know that Rafael Dos Anjos pulled out of fighting Conor McGregor at UFC 196. You also know that Nate Diaz has stepped up to replace him. Now, it’s no secret that Diaz and McGregor aren’t friends and a tense press conference recently proved that. But it was at a recent training session open to the media that McGregor upped the insults. And landed in a little hot water.

He referred to his Latino opponent as a ‘chulo‘, a catch-all phrase that isn’t really all that offensive a term. But a TMZ reporter picked up on it, put it to The Notorious that is was racist and got an earful of abuse right back at him…

Check it out:

Blood’s already bad between the pair of them ahead of UFC 196. The two recently traded insults at a press conference after Nate said that ‘everyone’ at the UFC is on steroids. Then flat out said to Conor “you’re on steroids!”