Phillies Fan Catches Baseball While Holding Daughter Like It’s Nothing

Brian Kucharik‘s a dad. A good dad. A dad who knows how to celebrate Father’s Day. He was out at the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game on Thursday with his daughter Emily and he managed to catch a ball that flew into the crowd. While holding his girl. And a program. And a drinks tray.

He did it like it ain’t no thang too, nonchalantly plucking the ball out of the air. Kucharik’s skills could have probably be used on the field that night – the Phillies went down 13-2 to the Toronto Blue Jays.

“I’ve been playing for about 30 years now. It looked like a normal fly ball from the outfield, I put my hand up – I’m lefty – so with my right hand, catching the ball was pretty easy.”

What a dude. Check it out: