Formula One Driver Fernando Alonso Lucky To Be Alive After Unbelievable Crash

Formula One can be a pretty boring sport to watch at times. With dominant champions and predictability like no other sport, it’s often quite dull. But not today. Something happened that’s shocked the world. A horrific crash that by rights should have claimed the life of ex-F1 champion, Fernando Alonso. To say the crash was bad enough that it could have killed him is an understatement. This smash is a real shocker.

Alonso’s car practically breaks up in mid-air and he looks a certain goner. It’s the worst crash Australia’s Albert Park has ever seen and fans at the venue and at home watched in horror as they expected to hear bad news about the health of the popular Spanish driver.

“I’m happy to be here, it was quite a scary crash,” Alonso told the media after he miraculously walked out of the crumbled vehicle unscathed. “I’m lucky to be here,” he went on.

Here’s what happened: