Airline Boss Forced To Apologize After Strapping Passenger To Roof Of Plane Because Of Overselling

Another week, another controversy at 30,000 feet. This time in the firing line is Unified Airlines, a Kentucky-based company. Again, the problem stems from the industry standard of overselling flights. This time, a passenger was strapped to the ROOF of the plane after refusing to exit the cabin because he’d paid for his seat.

Unified Airlines Vice President Mike Gottard said this: “We reserve the right to strap any of our passengers to the wings, underbelly, or roof of the plane under any given circumstance. Nevertheless, we are sorry.”

“It is worth pointing out though,” he went on, “that we did make sure that the passenger was securely fastened in place and as comfortable as possible. Though he did struggled to eat his lunch up there.”

Man Strapped To Roof of Plane

It was only last year, in 2016, that Unified came under fire for various headline-grabbing misdeeds such as: removing passengers mid-flight and forcibly fitting passengers with mandatory catheters to save space on bathrooms.

“While we are by no means perfect, we strive to be. That is why we are issuing a $50 voucher to the passenger affected.”